Committee Members



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Yuya Sanaki

D4 Igaki Lab.
Research: in vivo insulin level and tumor-suppressive cell competition


Kota Hamamoto

M1 Ishikawa Lab.
Vice-chair, Website
Research: Low-dose stress response mechanism in mammalian cells

Marina Matsumiya

D3 Kageyama Lab.
Vice-chair, Judge committee
Research: The role of synchronized Hes7 oscillation in induced-presomitic mesoderm from mES cell

Soaad Alfaqaan

D3 Kakizuka Lab.
Invitation committee
Research: Mechanisms of cellular adaptation to environmental stresses

Yuuki Morishita

M2 Igaki Lab.
Alumni talk committee
Research: Uncovering physiological trigger for tumor-suppressive cell competition

Daisuke Shimamura 

M1 Fukuzawa Lab.
Program committee
Research: Molecular characterization of the CO2-concentrating mechanism (CCM) supporting photosynthetic carbon fixation

Jiaqi Li

M2 Igaki Lab.
Program committee
Research: Unveiling genetic mutations showing synergism with oncogenic Ras

Keigo Ogawa

M1 Igaki Lab.
Alumni talk committee
Research: Visualization of JNK signaling in vivo

Naotaka Ochi

M2 Igaki Lab.
Program committee
Research: Elucidating the mechanism of cell competition

Takahiro Kato

M2 Kohchi Lab.
Program committee
Research: Development of the flexible knock-in system in Marchantia polymorpha

Takeshi Makino 

 M1 Ishikawa Lab.
Invitation committee
Research: The host mechanism promoting LINE-1 retrotransposition in the human genome

Takuma Nakagawa

M1 Imayoshi Lab.
Research: Learning and neurogenesis in olfactory bulb and hippocamp

William Theoputra

M2 Kengaku Lab.
Clerk, Poster design
Research: Expression pattern of lamin and its role in cerebellar granule cell migration

Yoshinori Takeda

D3 Sakamaki Lab.
Program, Judge committee
Research: The depletion of SMC2 induces a novel type of polyploidic cell death

Yusaku Hayashi

B4 Uemura Lab.
Invitation committee
Research: How nutirition balance affect Drosophilla development

Faculty / Staffs

Shin Yonehara

Professor, Ph.D.
Research: Molecular mechanisms and physiological roles of apoptosis, necroptosis and a novel type of cell death

James Hejna

Professor, Ph.D.

Sawako Yamashiro

Research: Understanding the role of intracellular foeces using single-molecule imaging

Naoko Yajima